Boy Smells Cashmere Kush Eau De Parfum

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Revelations of divine woods + plush powder.


Cash out and dream easy with CASHMERE KUSH, the GENDERFUL™ Fine Fragrance, as an eau de parfum. Dual-ly noted with intoxicating notes of powdery musk and tulips with cashmere woods and amber will have you feeling your most luxurious version of Genderful. Mother nature is calling you into a soft rebellion of far out clouds and lush scent, as infinite as you are. Take a trip, free your mind, CASHMERE KUSH.

Vegan. 2.2 ounces (65ml). 80% ALC/20% PERFUME. Glass bottle with tinted black perspex topper. Comes in matte ecru tray and carton.